Problem with string and number

hey :slight_smile: i have a problem with convert number stored as text to number knime. i used string to number but is not good idea because some of data convert into ?. thanks for helping

Hi @pjacob

Welcome to the forum. Check if there is any whitespace before and/or after your text-number. If so, remove it. Hope this helps,

gr . Hans

@HansS unfortunately i try this but not working :confused:

@pjacob mmm Can you upload a simple KNIME workflow with the data table with some data that causes the problem?

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I upload my data from google sheets and save my data as .csv

with uploading I mean uploading a sample KNIME flow (File -> Export KNIME Workflow …) to the KNIME forum with some data that causes the problem , so the community can have look at this problem.


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