Problem with String to URI node - getting String column not set message

I was using the node OK and now it seems to have stopped. I get a ‘String column not set’ message. THe input node is a List Files/Folders node which had not changed. Using vr 4.42.

Anyone got any ideas if this is a bug or something I am not configuring?

Thanks Peter

Hi @bradley_peter and welcome to the Knime Community.

The String to URI node, as the name suggests, converts a string to URI. The List Files/Folders generates results of type Path and not string. So linking String to URI node directly to List Files/Folders, it is normal you are getting that message as it cannot find any column of type String.

In this case, you want to use Path to URI node:

Or if you really still want to use the String to URI node, you have to convert the Path column to String first, using the Path to String node:


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