Problem with the update KNIME to 4.7

When I try to update to new version from old one (4.6) the process never stop (a wait about half of hour to finish but never did) and it takes a lot of memory and lot of CPU usage - than I deside to make new fresh copy of KNIME 4.7, downloaded file from KNIME web site and than I get this message:
Version 4.7 Nightly

Hi. You caught us while we were publishing the upgrade. It should be fixed by now. (Can you confirm?)


Please also check why

  • AP-7745: Parameterized DB Manipulator
    did not appear after update
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The node has been renamed to DB Row Manipulator. We will update the changelog accordingly. Thanks for reporting the issue.


Hello@tobias.koetter, l can see it .This new Geospatial Extension provides the ability to carry out geospatial analysis within KNIME4.7. we can use Geospatial Extension with knime. This is a very exciting thing.


Hello @GISer_last ,
we are also super excited about this and hope that you like it. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or problems.
Thanks a lot for being so active on the forum and helping other KNIME users.


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