Problem with update/installation KNIME-R 'No repository found'

Hello all,
i have encountered the following problem while trying to update my R Snippet nodes on my desktop pc and while attempting to install said node on my work station, both from

“No repository found”

Here is the error message from trying to reload the
This is the error message from trying to ‘update knime’ and ‘install knime extensions’
Here is the error message displayed while trying to install new software with the github update site.

Local KNIME Version 4.0.2
Local R Version 3.6.1

So far i have tried:

  • Fresh installation of KNIME and local R on a separate PC (the aforementioned work station).
  • Disabling and enabling the update site.
  • Removing and re-adding the update site.

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Hi Leander,

Welcome to our forum!

you could try to install the extensions from a JAR file which you can download here:
I would also recommend uninstalling the current R nodes first. This can be done if you go in the KNIME menu to Help -> About KNIME Analytics Platform -> Installation Details.


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