PROBLEM with Workflow opening

I have created a bunch of KNIME workflows on 2.5.4 version. But, suddenly when i tried to open it today then i could not open the workflows and get the following  Warn message:
       " VMFileLocker     I/O Error while trying to lock dir "/Volumes/PAnkaj/KNIME_FROM_SAMEEENA/CREATE_MODEL": Lock could not be aquired on: '/Volumes/PAnkaj/KNIME_FROM_SAMEEENA/CREATE_MODEL/.knimeLock'. Reason: null"

 Please reply as soon as possible.

Hi Pankaj,

One reason for the message could be somebody else having the workflow open (if you are somehow sharing workspaces/workflows). KNIME is locking workflows when it opens them preventing others from editing the workflow at the same time.

Another reason could be that your workspace is located on a file server with a proprietary OS, KNIME is using native locking mechanisms, and some OS don't implement these, preventing KNIME from being able to lock the flow. In this case you can either move your workspace to a location with a common OS (like Linux/Windows/Mac) - or tell KNIME not to lock workflows: In your "knime.ini" file (in the KNIME installation directory) add a line (at the end) "-Dknime.disable.vmfilelock=true" and restart KNIME.

Once you start sharing workflows in a shared repository this could become a problem (when people open workflows at the same time and the lock is disabled) and the line should be removed then.

Hope that helps,

 - Peter.