Problems Image Reader Node



I just updated KNIME with the nightly build (on a windows 7 system) and now all image reader nodes do not execute anymore. I get the following error message in the console window:

ERROR  Image Reader  Execute failed: No class found that implements interface

Is there a way to fix this?




Hi Christian,

we are currently heavily restructuring our build-system and dependencies to other projects as there is a lot going on in the open source community (SCIFIO, SciJava, BioFormats etc). Our nightly build is therefore not really stable (as it is a nightly build : - )) and we recommend to use the stable build  1.0.4 for KNIME 2.7 or 1.0.5 for KNIME 2.8.

In short: Uninstall KNIME Image Processing based on nighty build (Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation Details) and install the current stable build from:  for KNIME 2.8

or for KNIME 2.7.


Sorry for the trouble and I hope this helps!






Hi Christian,

just one more comment: We hope to have the changes in place by tomorrow afternoon, and the reader should then work again on the nightly build.

but we suggest to use the stable branch in the future anyway. We try to have more minor bugfixes releases in the future, that you don't have to use the nightly build anymore.



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