Problems using Naive Bayes Learner and Predictor.

I have to classify proteins based on characteristics such as hydrophilicity. I am unable to use properly Bayes’ blocks, and I’m not able to find useful examples. Also, to train the learner block, we have text files, each containing informations for a single protein. Is it possible to combine them into a single matrix (with knime)?
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Hello Michele,

Thank you for your question. Here is an example on how to use the Naive Bayes Learner and Predictor:
You can find this example on the Examples Server under 04_Analytics/04_Classification_and_Predictive_Modelling/03_Example_for_Learning_a_Naive_Bayes_Model

Yes, it is possible to combine data, one way would be to use the KNIME node Concatenate .

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