Problems using weka functions


I am having problems using the weka functions. I use the database node to read in a small table having one column with 1s and 0s. I tried to convert the column using for example the rename node. However, none seemed to work.
I keep getting the error "ERROR Simple Logistic Unsupported class type for Weka-Classifier in column: winner"
What am I missing? Where can I find more documentation? Where can I find more documentation in general.

Hello Peter,

the unsupported class type exception occurs, if the type of the class attribute does not comply with the weka-classifier. With the weka Simple Logistic algorithm, this would be the case when the class attribute is numeric but should be nominal, which is probably the case.

You did the right thing using the column converter node to change the type of the class column to StringValue. However, the class attribute must be nominal, that means all possible values in this column must be determined. This can be achieved by usign the Domain Calculator node after the column converter node. This should solve your problem, if not let me know.

In the dialog of all weka-nodes, there is a 'More'-button that explains the underlying weka-algorithm in more detail. For the class attribute selection, I will update the Weka-Node description for the next version, thank you for your comment.