Problems when trying to update KNIME to latest version in MacOS

Hello there!

I hope someone can help/guide me, I recently became a KNIME user, so I am still "learning" ... so bear with me please.

Today, I launched KNIME and selected "UPDATE KNIME" from the File menu, I went through the window that appeared and clicked and accepted the terms and conditions and the download/update activity started, to a point where I got an error message: "Updating Software has encountered a problem" and it stopped so no update was performed.

I took a screenshot of the details behind such error and put them in the file attached.

Hopefully someone can tell me what I can do to be able to update the application.

Thank You!!

Alfonso Carrillo

San Jose, CA / USA

Hi Alfonso,

It looks like there is a problem contacting the KNIME update site. That might mean that you are behind a proxy that would need to be configured in the KNIME preferences. One other option is to try running the update on a different network.



Hi Jon;

Thanks for your reply, I am going to check the settings, since, as you mention, indeed, I am getting this message when I am at the company's network/firewall.