Problems with 3.2 release: Quickforms

I have two questions relating to the quickform nodes.

1) How do I check the change tick box by default (see image)?

2)  The collapse to metanode does not  allow the user to configure the quickform options?  If I encapsulate into wrapped metanode it works, but I have no output port.  Any advice?

 I do not want to use this workflow as a web service, I just want users to configure a few variables and then run the workflow.

Hi Macca,

1) Is there a reason you want to do this? Because this can not be changed on default, you really need to edit it for every node.

2) Metanodes don't support the configuration via our Quickforms nodes, only the wrapped nodes do. You can add ports to a wrapped node by reconfiguring the node. Therefore go to the nodes context menu -> Wrapped Node -> reconfigure. 

Alternatively, the in and outports are generated automatically based on the in and out connection to the subworkflow you selected for collapsing. So, if you want to colapse some nodes and there are no consequent nodes the wrapped nodes doesn't has an outport and you need to add it yourself. if there is a consequent node, the outport will be generated automatically. I always add any node behind so I don't have to do this myself. ;-)

Does this help? Explaining GUI usagetricks with text always tends to get lengthy.

Best, Iris