problems with lhasa public and table to HTML string extension

I updated my Linux server to version 4.7.5 and after this update when I open the streams that have this extension I get the following error message

I downloaded the workflow to a local machine with the AP version 4.7.5 to see if I tried to update but I can not know what can be the first update that happens to me this error, any help?

Hello @lizardovanegas ,

the error message says the Lhasa public plugin and the Continental Nodes for KNIME extensions are missing form your Executor and in case you are not able to run the workflow locally than they are missing from the local Analytics Platform as well. The community extensions have been removed from the Executor full build with 4.7.1 see reference here in the yellow frame: KNIME Product Downloads 2022-12 | KNIME
You need to install these extensions manually, following the instructions here: KNIME Server Administration Guide

In case of these two extensions you need to run this command on your Executor to install them:
./knime -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -nosplash -consolelog
-d $(pwd)

I hope this helps!

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