Problems with List File Node and Filesetting flow variable in batch mode


I got into trouble with setting the Location of the list file node by using a workflow variable that is fetched from filesettings:

It still requires me to select a location using the file dialogue.

KNIME seems to have problems if the selected file (in the location field) no longer exists. In this case it is unable to fetch the correct url from the filesettings variable as it complains (and stops) because of the non-existing file in location.

Unfortunately the location field cannot be empty - and i am using knime in batch mode with temporary files with changing locations which i pass by using workflow variables.

Any changes that this bug can be solved?

Best regards,



As in most cases when you are using flow variables to override settings, you first have to provide a valid configuration in the dialog, and then you can override it with flow variables. So you have to select an existing directory first.

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