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I am trying to make some reports using Report PDF Writer, it shows the PDF saying “This View is not supported”. I have inside the report graphs from Tag Cloud, and Radar Plot from Plotly Node.

Any idea how to solve this?

Hello @VAGR_ISK ,

your observation is correct. The Reporting (Labs) extension only supports views in the KNIME Views – KNIME Community Hub extension and the Text View (Labs) – KNIME Community Hub included in the Reporting (Labs) extension. We plan to add more views over time, but right now this is it.
As a replacement for the Tag Cloud, you may consider a bar chart. Obviously the appearance is quite different, though readers may grasp the distribution of term frequencies even better.
You may also consider the Parallel Coordinates Plot instead of the Rader Plot to get started.

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Hello @nan,

Thanks for the answer. Ok, I think I can go with that. It is after all a great Alternative. I wonder if I produce phyton graphs, would it be compatible with it? Also, another great thing will be the possibility to include the logo in the report. I have an image header of the report or the footer with the numbers. Is there any way to do this?

I normally use the text output Widget node to include the logo using:

"img src=“https://webpage/logo.png” alt=“Signature image” style=“float: right; width: 250px; height: 125px;” between <>.

however, HTML or CSS code doesn’t work in the Text View (labs) node. Is there any language that could work to add the logo in there?



Python views do not work yet (and actually block the whole reporting). We are currently investigating how to provide a simple and consistent solution for Python views that works across libraries like matplotlib and Plotly.
We also plan to enable showing single images. Likewise the theming and formatting of reports including headers and footers is in the pipeline. If you are open to sharing what exactly you need to show as headers/footers, we may be better able to cover your use cases. With the early release as Labs extension, we are trying to get exactly this kind of feedback on what functionality is needed and how the approach as a whole is perceived. Thank you very much for trying it out and contributing. I am happy to hear that this might become a viable solution for you.



Thank you for your prompt response.
I’ve experimented with BIRT and found it quite challenging to navigate. While I managed to grasp some of its functionalities, I was overwhelmed by its numerous configurations. Additionally, I encountered frequent crashes and several formatting issues. It seems designing a formatted interface isn’t straightforward.
One advantage of BIRT is its support for footers and headers, which I find essential. This feature is currently missing in your solution, which is a limitation for me.
However, I appreciate the design of your solution, especially the ability to directly utilize KNIME’s visualization boards for report generation. I’ve attached some concepts for how I envision our reports. Hopefully, they will provide you with some inspiration.

I’m always willing to assist and collaborate to enhance this feature. Manually creating these reports is incredibly time-intensive, so having set up a solution like yours for our reports will be amazing.

Some words about how we make our reports:

The first page has the product on top and some automatically generated information (i.e., data and random number generator for assigning a customer number with a certain format)

The first page has also the company logo at the bottom and the address on the other side of the page.

In our report, we have a background figure (These colored lines) as well as some icons to make it more stylized.

After the 2nd page we have on the bottom the company logo and the page number.

The content of the report is figures and text, which we can deff work out with the actual state of your Nodes although, using Python/Java pics will be even better but not essential.

I know that should be difficult, but that is just to give some ideas.

Let me know if I can help to ease your development.



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Thanks, appreciate it a lot. It looks like we have your use case covered in our planning.

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