Problems with url parameters

Hello, I'm a newbie in both Knime and Web Scrapping. What I'm trying to do is to extract information from a site whose url has this format:

And the HttpRetriever module is giving me the following message: ERROR HttpRetriever        4:3        Execute failed: Could not parse parameter part "sph=o_lsteventos_fca=13/11/2015%%a_iap=1351%%a_lsteventos_vrp=0" of string "

It seems it cannot get the params from the query string to its format, I suppose. Any help? Thanks

Hi aff,

sorry about the issue; the URL parsing functionality currently assumes correctly URL escaped input and throws the shown exception, in case the a parameter value contain un-encoded = characters. I'll see if I can provide a fix for this case without harming other functionality.

In the meantime you can still use the HttpRetriever, you just need to replace the = characters in the paramter value by a '%3D' sequence, e.g.:

… becomes …:

Hope this helps,

Thanks Philipp, I will try it. What I did in order to solve the problem was to connect the Table Creator straight to the HtmlParser, that gave me a warning message but worked.