Problems with Weka Module "Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning"

I’m working on a videosurveillance project.
I have to learn a reasoner with some sequences of actions.
I’ve created a training set and a test set.
The sets have this structure
[Action(Varchar), Objects(Integer), People(Integer), Bags(Integer),Frames(Integer), Probability(Double)].
The training set goes in input to FLR.
The FLR output gives me the output I need without problems.
The test set and the output of the FLR go in input to the Weka Predictor Module.
When I execute the project i have this error:
ERROR Weka Predictor Execute failed: (“ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException”): 1
Should I have to set a different configuration on the FLR module?
Anyone can help me?


Roberto Fulgido

Hi Roberto,

I would like to help you, can you please send me the training and test set (or the complete worklow with data as a zip-file)? nicolas.cebron(at)

  • Nicolas

Problem here was that we had more possible class labels in the column of the test data that in the training data. This can be easily solved by using the Reference Row Filter node that sorts out DataRows with a class label that is unknown to the weka model based on the training data.
Normally, this is reported during the configuration of the weka classifier node. In this case, there were more than 60 possible values in the test data target column, therefore the domain of the column was empty.