Processing BitVector datatype in KNIME Java

Hi Readers,

I think KNIME has not yet resolves the issue of recognizing BitVector as String variable as in previous post or I might be wrong. Please anyone knows how can I process my BitVectors for a very big size of bitvector (I'm talking about size of 16,384 that is power of 14) other than using the 'Fingerprint Expander' node by Erl Wood. That is because I'm getting this error when I use the node for larger bitvector size than 8192 (power of 13)

I need to do operations like AND, OR, XOR to the bitvectors. Please help.

Thank you.


Hey LM,

I just checked and this was released in KNIME Analytics Platform 2.11.
You can now use for example the Column Aggregator to do an AND (called Bit vector intersection) on BitVectors.


Hi Ferry,

Thank you for your email. Yeah I've just found this post yesterday! It almost solved my big data problems :) Thanks to KNIME developers :)