Projector node and image column to Z-stack


I have a list of images (few thousands) and I would like to do a Z-projection from all of them. The GroupBy nodes does average and maximum aggregation but median is missing. The projector node does all three of them but it seems that it expects an image with z-dimensions.

How do I get a median projection of all images in my column (~1000 rows)? Is there I node that converts the 1000 rows into 1000 z-slices and then the projector node works with that format? Will the median be implemented some day into the groupby node (I know it is time consuming method)?

Any help is appreciated!




Hi Martin,

you could do the following:

Image Reader -> Transpose -> Merger (X,Y as templates for dims, last one is guessed and X,Y,Z for die dimension names) -> Projector.

However, we don't have a median projection yet, but it's easy to add. I will open an issue, also for the GroupBy to provide Median.

I hope this helps,


Hi Christian,

thanks a lot for that hint! That works.



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