Proxy Suppor

Hello masters, I'm quite new to KNIME and I am behind kerberos proxy. Is there any way to install extensions and using http retriever nodes? Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Jan,

If you are behind a proxy, you can always download a zipped update site and install the plugins from there, see here:

To use the http retriever, you can go to File -> Preferences -> General -> Network Connections and add your proxy there.



Unfortunately this wont work. I setup a proxy and it worked in Nodes like GET, etc. But the update und extension-installer seem to ignore these settings. The Node Recommendation also dont works. Any suggestions for these (aside the zip-installation)?


Hi Nico,

This is hard to diagnose without knowing details of your infrastructure. There are cases where the connection to our update sites is blocked even if you set the proxy. In that case, installation via zip is the preferred option.


Yeah thanks. That’s what we actually do.