Public Examples, Can't open workflows


I am new to KNIME and I can't open workflows of Public Examples. I login to server, I see folders and workflow but I can't open none of them.

Can someone help me, please?




Try this:

Righ click on the desired workflow then Download Workflow...

Thank you Nico.

I tried but I don't have Download Workflow.

After right click I only have available:Copy Location, Permissions, Logout, Copy...

In the "KNIME Example Flow Server", next to Status, do you see "connected as 'guest' "?

I think Copy and Paste to a local workspace might give you the options you need. (After that you can export to zip if you prefer.)

Assuming you logged on as guest (right click, log in) and have access to the available examples, drag the example of interest into your local workspace. The contents will be copied into your local workspace.