Publishing of custom KNIME nodes

Hi folks,

I've just started investigation of KNIME and I'm really impressed of this platform. I've already tried to develop custom KNIME nodes KNIME SDK based on Eclipse.

So, as KNIME nodes developer I would like to create couple of KNIME nodes and share them between other developers. The best way is to compile all KNIME nodes and put all of them somewhere on server. Thus, other developers could install these KNIME node using 
"Help" -> "Install new software" tool in Eclipse.

My question is How to make compiled KNIME nodes installable on other machines using "Install new software" tool? Typical way for standard Eclipse plug-ins looks next:

1. Plugin creation.

2. Feature creation with plugin.

3. Site creation with feature.

4. Putting all these things in filesystem or web server.


Is it necessary to do something special for KNIME nodes because on this page I can't receive all answers I need.


Thanks in advance for any help.



Do you want to share your nodes with the whole world? Then the community contributions are an option (see also intructions for developers).

If want to share it only with selected people, then your four step approach is correct.