Pulling data from one excel files to the other,in reference of a common column both the sheets have

file 1

ID     Name        Description

1a     Payal          Student

22s    Kumar       Teacher

46c     Yash         Prinicpal


File 2

ID   Nationality    Hobby

1a     Indian        Dancing

22s    American   Singing

46c     German    Photgraphy


 Desired Output


ID   Nationality    Hobby   Description     Calculated Column

1a     Indian        Dancing    Student          =Col B = Col C

22s    American   Singing     Teacher        =Col B = Col C

46c     German    Photgraphy  Principal   =Col B = Col C




Please suggest me an easy flow to perform the calculations and vlookups in knime. I am new to this

Dear Payal,

this can be performed using the Joiner node.

Best, Iris