Push flow variable from Call Workflow (Table Based)

I have this main workflow that calls several sub-workflows using Call Workflow (Table Based) Node.
I would like to ask if it is possible to push the flow variable (created inside the sub-workflow) to the main workflow?
Inside the sub-workflow, the Container Output (Table) already contains the flow variable.
But when I go back to the main workflow, only the output table is pass through, including the flow variables that are not created inside the sub-workflow.

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I think this is currently not possible. Is the table you are sending large? Maybe you could just use Call Local Workflow (Row Based) and encode both your table and the flow variables in JSON?
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Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn
Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with large tables. But I’ll try if your suggestion would work for me.

Hoping to have a container output (variable) node in the future.

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Hi there @mmrcs,

there is already a ticket in system (internal reference: AP-11247) for this enhancement. Have added +1 on it.

Additional workaround can be following: in sub-workflow use Variable to Table Row node to have all flow variables you wish to push to main workflow in table format. Then use Transpose node to have them in one column and finally using Column Appender add them to table you are feeding to Container Output (Table) node. This way you will have only one additional column sent and in main workflow use Table Column to Variable node to get desired values into flow variables. Note: If you are doing this with multiple sub-workflows (as indicated) just make sure that incoming variables have unique name. With this design variable names will be RowID values and thus not unique which may cause issues…

Hope this helps!



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