push network to visone


I'm trying to push a network from KNIME to visone but it fails with the following messages:


ERROR     Viz Output Connector     Execute failed: Broken pipe

Visone - KNIME Console:

09:09:01 [INFO]     receiving network from knime...
09:09:01 [INFO]     start reading graph
09:09:02 [ERROR]     error reading graph (transmission problems): Socket closed

What could be the reason?


have you tried it several times? If it fails every time could you please let me known which  version of the network plugin and visone you are using.



It happened several times and restarting KNIME and/or Visone did not help. Anyhow, since I restarted the machine, I don't have any problems anymore... Must have been an issue of my machine.

Thanks anyway!