put together the same values from multiple cells into one cell

Hello everyone :smiley:
My data so far looks like this:

And I need it to look like this:


Somebody knows how to put data like this together?

Thanks in advance,
Denis :smiley:

Hi @denajaha

Did you check already the Duplicat Row Filter node?
gr. Hans


It seems you want to get rid of the duplicate information.
The duplicate node filter node would help you to remove the duplicate information in that table.


Hi @denajaha,

If you want to keep unique values and also the “keywords” and “cost category” column only, you can do it by using the GroupBy node in a single step. (Add those 2 columns as grouping columns without any aggregation columns)

Or you can use the Duplicate Row Filter as @HansS has suggested and then use the Column Filter node to exclude unnecessary columns.



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