Python(1=>1) node won't executive(Heap Error)


I have dataset with 1080 columns and 210K rows.

I am trying to execute python script in my workflow. There is Java heap error. I have attached snapshot of error and workflow. Also, i have attached workflow:

I have already tried
I did not worked for me.

My script is simple and is as follows:

output_table = input_table.copy()
output_table.loc[‘a’]= “N”
newIndex=[‘a’]+[ind for ind in output_table.index if ind!=‘a’]

I am using Core i5 7th Gen | 8GB - memory | 2TB - hdd.
I have Python 3.6.3 and KNIME 3.5.2 installed.

BCT_DATA_V1.1.knwf (28.5 KB)

Hi saurabhpore444,

You could try to decrease the number of rows that are transferred from Java to Python per chunk (i.e. at a time): Node dialog -> Options -> Rows per chunk. The default value there is intended for data tables with few columns only (see node description). Start with a value around 1000 and see if you can increase it again or have to decrease it further.