Python 2.7 integration problems

Hi everybody I managed to integrate Python 3.6 with Knime 3.7 using the latest guide. But I am unable to integrate Python 2.7, despite of following the instructions. I am attaching an image of the issue in the Preferences ->Knime ->Python menu

Thanks in advance


Hi Mau,

just to double-check, could you look up the python version in the py27_knime environment using the Anaconda Navigator?


Hi Misha, thank you for your reply. In fact I had the wrong python version so I installed the 2.7.X version and now is working. For future reference the steps done were:

  1. In the Anaconda eviroment called py27_knime open the terminal

  1. Inside the terminal check the version with this command python --version

  2. If the version is incorrect then install the new one according with these instructions

  3. And check in Knime / Preferences

Best Regards


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