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I am a complete beginner ( not a programmer or data science ) and , I have a simple question: I have a Python-based software, called Panther ( PANTHER - CBL JYU), and I would like to know if it is possible to integrate/import it on KNIME? Thanks ! Sorry I could not find the answer anywhere

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@CarmineV welcome to the knime forum.

You can integrate knime and Python. Question would be how this software is provided. As a Python package or as a stand-alone software or a code collection.

If you have .PY files you could integrate them as external modules or if you use them in Jupyter notebooks you could use them as well with knime

If you want to familiarise yourself with knime and Python in general I have this collection


Hi mlauber71,

Thanks for your reply and your help. It is a stand-alone, and I have the py file (here 2 screenshots). If I understand correctly, I have to use the pythorn source node (correct me If I am wrong). Do you have any video/manual/example ?

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@CarmineV I do not think there is a video but the first example contains a simple version how to import and use a .PY file from within KNIME python node. First you will have to set up Python and KNIME and in this case it seems the package does use python 2.7.x.

Then from the code there seem to be module named „__future __“ it might be that they are also in additional .PY files.

Question is if you could share the files? I would recommend setting up a minimal example. You would also have to see how the package would be used. There seems to be a .txt (configuration?) file being needed and then there is a result file.

I think it should be possible to build a system with KNIME around that but it would need some tries.


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