Python IndexError: index out of bounds

I have been working the Python node (1 = 2)
And I present an error. The input is a column vector that when I publish it in Excel, I observe it has more than 1000 rows … however when I read this vector from the Python node and publish the dimensions of the vector it tells me that it only has 1000 rows … I do not know what is happening … I would like help.

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi Manuela,

This error should only occur when running Python code in the node’s editor dialog and not when executing the entire node, is that the case?
By default, only 1000 rows of the input table are loaded into Python when using the editor to enhance its interactivity. You can increase that value via the Row limit (dialog) option on the node’s Options tab.


You have all the reason. Thanks for the info …

Thank you very very much


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