Python ingratiation - illustrative example

Is there a simple example to illustrate the integration from within KNIME to Python. It does not have to be (and should not be Deep Learning related), It can be as simple as passing the data into Python, running a decision tree in Python and getting the results back into KNIME. For this, would I use the Python scripting node or Python integration?

This is a nice resource but it does not have what I am looking for: a simple illustration of Python functions integration in KNIME. Again, to do this, do I use the Python scripting node or Python integration?

One of the search results… three nodes, seems simple enough?

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Hi @dursundelen

Or see this topic in the forum where a random forest model was executed in KNIME and in PythonScript node.

3 Likes very simple workflow without images etc. The python scripting node is part of the python integration.

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This is a very good example. Thank you.


As a comment I would tend to avoid python script as much as possible as it comes with a large serialization penalty.

The main use case is when you need to operate on the whole table not just each row separately.

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