python integration error (SEGFAULT)

Has anyone ever encountered the following error when using the python integration:

Python process ended unexpectedly with a SEGFAULT. This might be caused by an oversized buffer allocation. Please consider lowering the 'Rows per chunk' parameter in the 'Options' tab of the configuration dialog.

In the python integration in the perferences, I did create a py2 environment directly through the KNIME GUI which should have all the dependencies, but I was getting an error about pandas not being installed. Except pandas is installed…

Any advice?

I also jacked up my memory in the .ini and lowered the ‘rows per chunk’ as recommended to no positive effect. I believe it is some problem with the python 2 environment.

Closing this out. The issue was not with py2 environment. The solution for me was to copy code directly into the node itself instead importing the .py files from my library. So, cured without a real diagnosis.


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