Python node execution from webportal to executor


Just curious to know how the execution of Python nodes are working.

Lets take the below scenario -

  1. A workflow with Python node to fetch data from external source(it takes 5 mins to complete the process ) is on server. WF is executed in knime webportal, In backend what are the things will be happening?

     * If I close the tab and reopen the webportal again, I can see the jobs state (either executing or next screen), Need to know how executor / any process is executing the Python node.
     * KNIME just transfer the data from it's node to external sources and get back the output or KNIME do some kind of changes in between?
     *If KNIME is just transferring the user entered/ provided data to external source, what is the advantage of KNIME in this case?

Any sort of information related to how KNIME nodes execution are happening will be really helpful to understand how it works in backend

As this is a duplicate of How KNIME Python node is executed by executor I will close it.

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