Python Node / input data type

on my Apple Silicon machine, there is no option to use Keras nodes. I want to use image and text nodes for data preparation, python node for tensorflow code.

How can I convert the data types of the input (Python Node)?

  • I load and resize a picture with image nodes. How can I access the data in Python node to get

img = tf.keras.utils.load_img(file,target_size=(IMG_HEIGHT, IMG_WIDTH,3))


  • How can I get acces to folder and file information (from this nodes )about input ports in Python node? You can select a file as Node, get access in Python.

  • After text preparation with nodes, I want handle that with python. How to convert the input?

Is there any documentation, where I can read about that? Or can anybody help me with this examples above?

Thank you.

@mck_sbs you can always pickle an object in python save it and bring it back


Thank you, mlauber71

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