Python Node loses column types

I use a Python Script (1 => 1) Node and sometimes the input table is empty. When this is the case a column that was Double before is suddenly a string.
Is there a way to retain the column types?

My solution was to use an empty table switch afterwards. If the table is empty I add a row with just 0.1, then use String to Number to convert the column I need in double to double and then drop all rows again. This results in the column being double again.
But I’m sure there is a better way, does somebody have an idea?

Hi @ChrisHill

I created a workflow losing_keeping_column_types.knwf (17.9 KB) where the test-table in both situation (empty or not-empty, keeps the column type (a double). Is this what you are looking for?



Nice thank you!
Of course the solution was to use the Empty Table switch BEFORE my Python Script. Somehow I didn’t think of this.
Thank you very much!



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