Python script fails first time in batch mode

Hi Knimers,

I am very new to Knime. I am running an existing Knime workflow developed by a previous group member in batch mode. The workflow has two parallel python nodes that run inference on GPUs.

The first time I run the workflow, one of the python nodes dies with the error:
KNIME-Worker-1 : Node : Python Script (1⇒1) : 0:1295:1446:1377 : Execute failed: An exception occured while running the Python kernel. See log for details.

I don’t see any more information in the log file.

The second time I run the workflow, it works as expected.

Any idea what is happening or how I can debug that further?


Update1: I changed the parallel python nodes to serial nodes and I don’t see the error anymore. Here are my memory Option for the command line:
memOption="-vmargs -Xmx16g -Xms16g -d64