Python Script issues

I’ve installed Python 2.7 to use with RDKit, but I find that any scripts I write hang at 30% when running. However, in the preview window they execute perfectly well. I’m running KNIME 3.2.3, but I don’t think that’s affecting things here. My python installation is 2.7.2, via Anaconda for Windows.

Just adding the further point to say that in some cases (like starting KNIME up), when i try to run the same script, nothing hapens, and I get an error in the console Execute failed: Could not start python kernel

Hi James, something similar happened to me, basically I modified the top and the end of the code and then runned properly. 

I am attaching a workflow that plots some stuff in python. 

Best regards

Thanks, that’s fixed it for me too, guess there’s something wrong with te template.