Python Script node for python v3


I've tried to get Python 3(anaconda) to work with the Python Script (/Scripting/Python/) node. Couldn't get it to run in knime due to protobuf requirement. However, I've added a Python 2.7 to anaconda and then I was able to get protobuf installed only with pip, no way through conda. I use win7 x64.

Did anyone managed to get the python 3 working with knime?



Hi Adi,

no Python 3 is currently not supported .

Here is a installation guide for the nodes

Best, Iris

Thanks Iris,

I did got the python 2.7 version working.

Any plans for when the v3 will be supported in knime?


It would be great to have Python 3 support please - it's 2016, 2.7 really is outdated now.

The problem is that some of the Python packages the node is using are not available for Python 3 (yet).

Thanks for your reply, sorry I did't notice it sooner.

Can I ask which packages?

One might start to wonder, if a package hasn't been updated for Python 3 yet, whether it ever will be...

Mainly protobuf. However I just noticed that now there seems to be a version compatible with Python3. However, it is incompatible with previous protobuf versions therefore we first need to check whether this causes other problems.

Thanks. I'm sure there must be many KNIME users who would find this helpful!


I would also be interested in python nodes working with python 3.

Any update on this?


Jose Manuel


Being able to use Python 3 in KNIME would be really helpful on our side too. 

Were there any progress on updating the Python Script node?

Thank you!


We also ran into the issue now that we have Python 3.x code that we would like to run out of KNIME. Is there a timeline set to make Python 3 also available for KNIME users?


I found this blog post about KNIME + Python3.