Python Source (Labs) - broken encoding in a node table

Hello. I use Knime 3.4.2 and I have a problem with an output table for node "Python Source (Labs)". I use Python 3 and I try to fill the output table with data, but I always get a broken encoding in that table and I don't know why. I prepared two screenshots, where you can see that:

1. output_table has valid data.
2. node table has broken data.

I have tested Knime 3.4.2 on Windows host - the problem is the same.

Hey livelace,

thank you for your detailed report. This looks like a problem that was found and fixed recently. Since KNIME 3.5 should be released very soon, could you try your code there as soon as its available and share if you were successful ?





Hello, Clemens. I have updated my installation to the version 3.5 and the problem was gone. Thanks!