Python source node failed to execute script

Hi everyone,

I downloaded the workflow 01_Stocks and I try to execute the workflow after following all the instructions about running Python applications with Knime.

  • Anaconda3 installed
  • requested libraries pandas, pandas datareader and datetime installed through Anaconda command line
  • setup of the Knime / Python preferences

However the result, once executed the workflow, is shown below:

If you get into the node and try to execute the script, you get this output:

I am not able to solve the issue nevertheless I tried to follow many tests and solution available in the web.

Could anyone help me to fix the problem cause I am a beginner too…

Thank you in advance



Hi Andrea -

I had this same problem when running the workflow. To fix it, I had to run pip install pandas_datareader from an Anaconda prompt, as conda install didn’t seem to work.

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Hi Scott,
unfortunately I applied what you suggested but nothing changed.
Indeed the result of the command has been as below showed:

Do you have any other check or action to suggest?
Thank you so much


It looks like you are installing packages to your base environment instead of py36_knime.

Can you try activate py36_knime first, then reissue the install command?

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Thank you Scott,
It worked!
Last question… I promise! The last step of the workflow is not working …
I have to solve another “block” :sob:
The last node (send email) doesn’t work… I tried every setting in the node’s dialog box but… nothing

What I am getting wrong?

Thank so much for your patience (I am a beginner…)

Can you check this previous thread and see if the the solution suggested works for you?

Hello Scott,
I solved the issue using another email account ( and it worked.
Now I have to understand how to delve into the workflow to test it making some “experiments”.
Do you know someone who has used it repeatedly and extensively?
Thank you

P.S. cause I am new here in the forum, what is it expected from me in terms of “forum etiquette”?

I would say be kind, help others, share solutions and ask questions if you have them

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Glad you were able to solve it with another email domain.

I can’t say I know anyone who has used this workflow extensively, although if you search for “01 stocks” on the KNIME Hub you will see that other users have uploaded their own versions after trying it out. So you might be able to ask one of them. But in general if you have more questions about this workflow you can just post here as well.

As for forum etiquette, you’re doing fine!

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