python source systematic error whatever the inside code.

Something has changed in the Knime configuration software somewhere, somehow. Each time I’m trying to use a Python source, I receive the message : ERROR Python Source 0:5 Execute failed: EndVector() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given. Happens with all python nodes in fact. Hint : when you are inside the node and you use “Execute Script” it works. The bug happens only when you close the node to use it the common way.

Windows 10
Knime 4.4.2

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Solved : only occurs with the WPy64-3950 python version.



I have same issue on MacOS not Windows.
There was no problem until at least Nov.
Could anybody advice on solution?

MacOS Monterey
Knime 4.4.2

Thank you in advance.


Occurs with the WPy64-3980 python version too.

@lucdelon, @Kow, @Fabien_Couprie

question is if you could try and make a simple workflow using the:

So it would try and recreate your Python environment with conda (Miniconda and conda-forge might be a good combination). Maybe we could gain some more insights.

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