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I have a problem running a Python Source Node

“ERROR Python Source 2:85:76 Execute failed: Connection reset”

I have this error because of the large number of files I am processing.
If I reduce the number of files to around 20% of the total number, it works.
Is there any way I can disable resetting?

Thank You,

Hello @Claudette_Paneza -

Sorry for the delayed response. When you say a “large number” of files, can you give a ballpark figure?

If you could send the portion of the KNIME logfile corresponding to the failure that would be helpful. If you have an example workflow that reliably reproduces the error, that would really assist us in tracking down the problem.

In the meantime, I will check internally to see if we might be able to tweak something in your configuration that could help.


The Knime log is like this :

I am processing 1234 txt files at around 2-100KB each. The total is 56.1 MB

The python node is plotting each file in polar plots using python -matplot lib


Hello @Claudette_Paneza -

Based on the date and content, it looks like that image contains logs of the Image Reader node from late July. Could you attach the portion that shows failures from the Python timeout? It would also be helpful if you could attach a workflow, although I understand that if your data is proprietary this may not be possible.

A couple of other things you could try:


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