python tz_convert not working in KNIME

I am trying to convert a timestamp from UTC to my local timezone (US/Eastern), however when i try to run the Python node I am getting the following error:

ERROR Python Script 0:15 Execute failed: An error occurred during deserialization. See log for details.

I am very new to KNIME and I dont know where to look for the log file.

When i execute script inside the node, it i showing the result correctly. However when I try executing my work flow, it is halting on the python node with the above error.

The code I used is


Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong or point me to the log file?

Thank You

@thentangler it seems for the transfer of data from python to KNIME not all data types are supported in all nodes. One option could be too convert to an older python time format.

One option could be to store the data as a text column and convert it later. Not the most elegant solution I know.

Next thing would be to export the data from within three python node to a file or local database like SQLite or H2 and see if they would support the time format.

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