Qlik Writer Exter giving Java exception error

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to write data into QVX format in KNIME with Qlik Writer Extension which can be directly read by Qlik. Its giving java error which solution i could not find on online.PFA error below.

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Hi @Sohaib23 and welcome to the forum.

I am checking on this internally - seems as if this node is from a community extension. I’ll see what I can find out.

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We’re facing the same issue on both reading and writing qvx files.
Could you find any solution to this?

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Hi @Kutad and welcome to the forum.

It seems this node was created as a community extensions, as part of a grad student project. We have reached out to the developer, but it is unfortunately no longer being maintained.

If there is enough demand for a QVX reader I could ask the development team about creating a KNIME node. In the meantime maybe a component approach would be best, using R or Python? Although in a quick search I can’t seem to easily find libraries for QVX :thinking:

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