Want to check whether Knime supports below:

  1. Capability to execute Data Mining queries seamlessly across environments (Dev, QA etc) by replacing data schemas dynamically
  2. Capability to get SQL back and modify it on the fly.
  3. Typeahead search on keywords that produces SQLs that matches criteria.


  1. you can simply change the connection settings in the Database Connector node to connect to another db e.g. from dev. to prod as long as both dbs support the same sql functions and have the same tables etc.
  2. we provide two nodes that allow you to extract the sql query into a string variable and to inject a new sql query string. The query string itself can be modified with several existing KNIME nodes e.g. string manipulator java snippet etc.
  3. not supported. However some nodes allow you to fetch the meta data from the database e.g. the existing tables and their columns

Since KNIME is free you can simply download KNIME and have a look at the examples workflows to try it yourself.