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Good evening guys, how are you ?

I can a big challenge, I would like knime to perform a google search and bring information to me.

I have two columns, one with origin and one with destination, I need knime to search on google maps and bring me the Mileage (Distance) in a column. I’m going to leave some photos as an example, I count on your support.


Man, Knime dont make miracles… but you can use google api for make your requests and work on it…



Good night Denis, how are you?

I think it wasn’t very clear, I would like a query that brings this information.

Hi @Gabriel2020 , what kind of distance are you looking for?

I created a component a while ago that calculates the distance between 2 sets of longitude and latitude that uses the Haversine formula

This represents a straight line distance, taking into consideration that the Earth is a ball. It’s basically the distance if you were flying via a plane. I detailed this in the component.

Your UI shows that it can be different types of distance (driving, biking, flying, etc), but your table does not specify the type. Are they all of the same type? And what would the type be?


Good night Bruno, how are you?

Are you Brazilian? It would be amazing if I could search for an example of origin R.Raquel Almeida, 38 - Nucleo Hab. Rubens Costa Cia I - Simoes Filho - BA - 43700-000 and destination Avenida Charles Goodyear, 712 - Cururuquara - Santana do Parnaiba - SP - 06524-115, which will be in two columns: origin and destination. And bring the land distance as back on google maps. I’m trying in several ways but I can’t, I’ll leave the maximum photo so that it can be clear.


Google have api and you can use the maps api for your questions… like a browser, you set the information and they give you the answer… other way is using a python webcrawler to do the job, like navegating to the search bar, fill the information and then, you catch the answer… but, its not a knime process.

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