Query the Windows A/D or LDAP server

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Does anyone have a method for querying an A/D (Active Directory) in a Windows server environment. It could be using LDAP? We are looking for a way to list the users in an A/D group to cross-reference with other data sources.


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Hey @mmcmcmc,

I’m by no means an expert on AD/LDAP, but in the past I’ve queried an organization’s active directory using SQL. Here’s a related article that seems pretty close to the setup I had available at the time.

In the article they use linked servers to query their AD using SQL and OpenQuery. If something like this works in your case, you’d likely be able to use the DB Connector and related nodes (i.e. DB Query Reader) to query the data into KNIME.




Java Snippet…(LDAP). And yes it’s a mess and the devil is in the details where the details are how your company organized your LDAP. Plus you will need an account that actually is allowed to perform all these read actions. I think getting that account and connections details would be the first step.

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