Question about Data Generator Node


I have a question about Data Generator Node. When I use Data Generator Node, I don't understand Cluster Count's meaning. When I configure that 3,1 and 1,3, It look like same result. Cluster Count(1,3 or 3,1) has a difference? 


thank u


Hey flehddus,

Have a look at the attached scatter matrix of the created data, left 1, 3, right 3,1:

1,3 means you have only one cluster in universe 0, while you have 3 in universe 1. You can see that in the upper left matrices, there is only one big red dot. In the lower right of the left image you have 3 dots: a blue one and green and black (overlapping each other).

The right image shows the opposite. Universe 0 with it's two dimensions shows 3 clusters, while universe 1 has only one big spot.

Does that clear it up?