Question about learning paths

Hi everybody,

I’m new here, starting to learn Knime. Looking at the learning paths I see that in level 3 all paths use Knime Business Hub. I wonder if it’s possible to take these courses without access to Knime Business Hub (with a demo account for the course maybe) or should I just skip it? If this is the case, maybe you could offer a course for productionizing without KBH so everybody can complete all levels of the learning paths or maybe it’s already included in the other levels somehow. Sorry if it’s a silly question.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dracpet,

Welcome to the KNIME learning community. We have an Edu-Hub instance, which you can get temporary access to when completing one of the L3 courses. The instructions are included in the course. So you can complete all four levels.

Thanks for the question and feedback.


Perfect! Thank you very much for your answer.