Question about saving workflow with NO data.


I have some workflows set up on a secure machine that deals with privacy-protected data. I wish to export some of these workflows to another machine, but it is critical that NO data be exported with them.

My understanding is that when workflows are saved, many nodes will be saved with the data they were last using. It is also my understanding that if you reset the node that connects to the data (which resets all downstream nodes) and then save the workflow in that configuration, that will result in the nodes not being saved with data.

I have used this trick in the past to save disc space for workflows I may want to reference, but no longer need.

My question is, by resetting the file reader and SQL reader nodes, will this truly eliminate ALL data? It is fine to have saved the file names and file meta-information, just not any of the data itself.

FWIW, there are only about 8 workflows I want to export.


Hi @Kapusta , that is correct, when you save a workflow in reset format, any data that was retrieved is gone, and will not be saved with the workflow.

Obviously if you had manually added data via the Table Creator, even if you reset the Table Creator node, the data is still visible in the Table Creator configuration window.

But any nodes that retrieved data will not have the data anymore if they are resetted.

That being said, you can also export a workflow as reset state without having to reset the workflow. In case you still want to keep the data in your original workflows, you have the option to export the workflow as a reset version. There’s a “Reset Workflow(s) before export” option available during Export. When checked (it seems like it’s checked by default), it will export the workflow as Reset:

This will not reset your original workflow, but rather the copy that is exported will be reset. This avoids you from having to reset your original workflow in the event you did not want to lose the data on the original workflow.


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