Question on Tag Filter and Tag Cloud

Hi all

I would like to add a tagging on document, making tag filter to filter out “unwanted” tag, then use Tag Cloud to display the result of these filtered terms.

The flow is:
Doc --> Stanford tagger --> Dictionary tagger (for Sentiment tagging) --> Tag filter (to filter out POSITIVE sentiment) --> BOW --> TF --> Tag Cloud.

However, no records was filtered out from Tag Filter, the tag cloud displayed are the same for either using Tag filter or not.

Pls help

Hi Lawson,

tagger nodes usually set tagged term to “unmodifieable”. This means these terms will not be changed (e.g. stemmed) or filtered. You can ignore this flag in the preprocessing nodes by ticking “ignore unmodifiability” in the dialog of the preprocessing node, which is in your case the Tag Filter node.

Cheers, Kilian