Question on Text and Network Mining Workflow Example

Hi all,

I have a simple question on the example workflow related to "Text and Network Mining".

The initial node, a File reader one, reads Slashdot data. The question is: as the .table data, as far as I know, is an internal KNIME format, what was the original format of Slashdot data used in this examples. Did these data pass through a File Writer node before?

Generally speaking I do not fully understand the whole potential of the File Reader node. Whan should be it used and for what data? Could you advice?


Thanks a lot in advance!



file reader is a generic, tab, csv or txt file parsing node. It seems to be the daay of the csv node. I have found it to work better than the csv node in situations where there are custome delimiters or missing lines , columns etc.

My apologies,

I meant Table Reader, not File Reader. The Table Reader node is the one used in the example mentioned in the thread subject.




Hi Giovanni,

we extracted the information from an XML dump of Slashdot which you can download here.



Hi Tobias, I had a look at that page but the data set is no longer available. And I've got also problems in creating an account.

No worries however, thanks for the answer!



Maybe we can call a vbs by "External Tool" to list all sheets and save it to a text file to process. I will try this approach.

But I do not know how to deploy the scripts with the workflow. :(

Hi Giovanni,

sorry I thought that the file is still available. I can send you the original file if you contact me via the contact form.



Is workflow from whitepaper still available?

just found it